These are all conditions that can be treated with the help of Iridology, Life Coaching and Naturopathic Healing
Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa

Services & Rates

Iridology, Health Assessment, Written Report

      Health Assessment Package — $260

The Health Assessment package consists of two 90 minutes appointments:

First appointment begins with an iridology exam... [more]

Second appointment consists of a written health report... [more]


workshops, organization, productivity, motivation


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team work, motivation, success, coaching, organization, happiness

      Life Coaching

90 min. $130

60 min. $120

40 min. $90

Life coaching provides individualized strategies for positive & impactful change.  It is used to achieve a variety of goals such as... [more]


Iridology eye exam, health

      Iridology — $80

By examination of the iris, Iridology is an assessment tool which offers accurate... [more]


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa
Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa

Who is Denise?

Iridologist, Life Coach, Natural Health Practitioner in Orleans, Ottawa

Denise Frenette is a Natural Health Practitioner & certified Iridologist who also specializes in Life Coaching.  Since 1991, she has dedicated herself to helping people attain their full potential and live a better life.


She is intuitive, insightful, and practical.  Her grounded, no-nonsense approach provides her clients with realistic and feasible plans to get them focused on what they love, value and want from life.


She will move you to a better self and towards a life worth celebrating!

Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa
Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa

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