Denise runs her practice with integrity. I have been a client for 8 years and have found her to be knowledgeable, experienced, paying close attention to detail with her clients.


I had fairly serious medical issues to which traditional physicians could not diagnose nor treat. Years later, the conditions deteriorated to the point of exasperation, I could no longer handle the pain throughout my body. Denise identified the source of my health issues and offered alternative natural solutions, which is exactly what I needed and suited my personality. She worked with me closely, coaching me along the way until I was able to take the reins and was on my way to a better place. Denise made me feel comfortable throughout this process; her solutions revolve around the wellbeing of the mind, body, and soul/emotional state, a full well balanced package.


Admittedly, I was skeptical at first but quickly impressed by the service Denise provided because the results were there. It is thanks to her, and my therapists that I enjoy a much better quality of life….I owe Denise more than words can express and so grateful to have crossed our paths.


                                                                                                              – Kate France, Ottawa, ON



Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


I must admit that when Denise first offered to perform an Iridology Exam on me, I was deeply skeptical. However, it wasn’t long into the session that I began to realize that she was telling me things about myself that she couldn’t know without this strange, new expertise she was practicing on me with such accuracy. Within that hour, she told me a lot about my health that provided me with clues and then strategies on how to effectively address them. One amazing hour! Thanks Denise.


                                                                            – David, St-John, NB


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


During my appointments with Denise she listened to my concerns with a professional and caring manner. Her iridology exam pointed out weaknesses to work on. She designed a comprehensive multi-step programme with accompanying checklists and literature. This made it easy to follow. It was worth the time and investment.


                                                               – Sally Borthwick, Ottawa, ON


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


When I initially met with Denise Frenette I was in a very low, dark place in my life. I was extremely depressed, had little to no energy, and my personal financial situation was a mess. My (lack of) physical and mental health was impacting all aspects of my life - family, friends, and work...and being a single parent without spousal support the worry only exacerbated the vicious circle of dis-ease.


Ms. Frenette helped me untangle the threads of chaos that were literally choking the life out of me. We started with a simple, low-tech plan for keeping track of my expenses and revenues; a calendar for my fridge (I am a very visual person). This enabled me to be prepared for upcoming monthly disbursements, and I was able to make sure that I always had enough money in my account. I was in control of my finances for the first time in my life! In turn, as I could now let go of the negative energy spent worrying about my budget, I found myself re-discovering personal pride and confidence. The vicious circle was broken.


It was now time to work on the very real health issues that had been plaguing me for years: insomnia, severe headaches, inflammation and digestive problems. Through Ms. Frenette's experience at reading the body via Iridology, she provided me with highly effective suggestions for diet and lifestyle modification that almost immediately began to help to make me feel better. Over a series of sessions we saw enormous progress made, especially in the reduction of my headaches and overall inflammation. There is no magical formula, but 10 years later, as I continue to follow (to the best of my ability) my personalized wellness plan, I find myself with a healthy credit rating and a minimum of headaches.


If you are ready and willing to follow the path and do the work, Denise Frenette will lead you back to health and wellness. She is one of the most compassionate and knowledgeable wellness counselors I have had the privilege of working with. Namaste.


                                                               – Lee, Aylmer, QC


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


I went to see Denise Frenette in the recent past for Iridology. I have found her to be knowledgeable in her field. She has helped me with gaining energy and to help me improve my diet.


She truly is a delight to work with and I do highly recommend her.


                                                               – Donna Desbois-Thomas, Ottawa, ON


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


I started seeing Denise shortly after the birth of my first child in 2005.  I was experiencing what my doctor called "mild postpartum depression" .  My anxiety makes me fear the side effects of medication, so I seeked Denise's help for in finding a natural cure.


Denise gave me the tools I needed to help me with my postpartum depression and not only did she help me with the depression, she also helped me take control over my anxiety.


I am forever thankful for what Denise has given me and make an effort to see her at least once a year for iridology updates for me and my children.  I am fascinated with what she can see through her iridology techniques and her knowledge in health and nutrition. I learn something new at every visit!


                                                               – Andrea, Ottawa, ON


Iridology, Orleans, Ottawa


When I first read about Iridology I was very skeptical, but I made the appointment with Denise thinking I had nothing to lose.  After meeting with Denise, I was surprised at how accurate the Iridology was.   I did the follow-up appointment and told myself I would follow any recommendations she had, to see if it helped with my Fibromyalgia.  Again, I was very surprised.  Since I have been taking the vitamins/supplements that Denise recommended I have felt much better and have very few flare-ups of fibro.


I have had a few great coaching sessions with Denise as well and find the suggestions she gives to be very helpful.  I find it very easy to talk to Denise and she seems to be able to relate to situations I discuss and is always able to give helpful suggestions and/or advice.


I have recommended Denise’s services to family members and they too found it informative and the suggestions received helped them feel better and understand their individual situations better.


                                                               – Carol O’Brien-Boucher, Ottawa, ON